I want a code for championship riven pls :C 

Who give me one pls ( it’s for LAS )



xD Kay pls

xD Kay pls


Yume Nikki 3D by ZykovEddy (as seen in this post)

Warnings: Typical YN warnings, Mildly Disturbing Content, Epilepsy Warning, General Creepiness

Holy canolis, batman, has this game won my heart.

You play as Madotsuki in a similar dream-like world to the original Yume Nikki, going to sleep and waking up to the nexus and the doors and different environments as before. You have to find your effects (and keys this time!) and discover how to interact with the multitude of creepy little friends throughout the dream world.

However, before you start thinking this is just an interesting take on the original, it has to be pointed out that for the most part this game is original. Only a handful of areas are straight from the first game. The rest are all the creator’s work.

It is smaller than the original Yume Nikki, but it’s also pretty early on and in looking through the game you can see where later expansions will be opened up. There are six effects and three keys to be found, and dozens of places to explore. It really doesn’t lack game play, graphics, or experience. 

My favorite part of this game: The one world with the roving ghost cars, which reminded me of GTA: San Andreas

Recommended Most For: Those with a lot of time on their hands. Fans of the original game. Those who like creepy explorers.

Time: Hours! You can spend hours on this game.


Special Operations Cleaning Squad


Someone, i need a code for championship thresh plz :c


i got these from